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Nina Martin

The cast and characters of House of Anubis. (from left to right: Mara Jaffaray, Alfie Lewis, Jerome Clack, Patricia Willamson, Nina Martin, Fabian Rutter, Amber Millington, Mick Campbell, Joy Mercer

: Nina is the main character in the show. She moves to the boarding school after getting a schoalership. Nina soon finds out and gets invovled with a mystery redgarding the disapperance of a classmate.

Fabian Rutter: Fabian is the first to befriend Nina. He also gets involved in the mystery Nina told him about. Fabian has a crush on Nina and soon Nina starts to like Fabian as well.

Patricia Williamson: Patricia was very mean to Nina when she first came here. She thought Nina's apperance as soon as Joy left was fishy and did all in her power to make sure the others were just as rude to her. As time went on Patricia soon started to see Nina knew nothing and later on befriended her.

Amber Millington: Under Patricia's rules Amber started out as a rude girl to Nina but soon get's suspicious why Nina and Fabian were sneakind around so much. Amber was Nina's first friend that was a girl and was the one who named their club, Sinuba (Anubis spelled backward). Amber starts off the series dating Mick Campbell(look below) but soon loses him to Mara which causes quite a bit of drama.

Joy Mercer: Joy is the student that goes missing and when the mystery begins. Joy is a smart girl and Fabian seemed to have liked her before Nina came along.

Alfie Lewis: Nina didnt't think much of Alfie before but when he suddenly becomes part of the mystery she soon accepts him and learns to trust him. Alfie also has a huge crush on Amber and then ends up going to prom with her.

Jerome Clarke: Jerome is Alfie's best friend and has been in boarding school since he was 5. He becomes suspicious when Alfie starts hanging out with Nina, Fabian, Patricia, and Amber instread of him and becomes part of the mystery as well. Jerome also seems to have made his play for Mara but comes out unsuccseful.

Mara Jaffray: Mara is the beautiful and genius girl. Mara never learns about the mystery but is on very good terms with everyone else. She suddenly becomes interested in Mick and they end up being boyfriend and girlfriend after a few "up's and down's".

Mick Campbell: Mick is the athletic one. He isnt so smart and asks Mara for tutoring and thats when their romance begins. Mick and Nina aren't close friends and he doesnt learn anything about the mystery either.

Other CharactersEdit

Victor Roddenmar: Victor grew up in the house and is very strict. He is in on the mystery and does everything possiable to stop anyone else from learning what he is got going inside of the cellar. He has a soceity that definetly has something to do with Joy and the mystery the the Sinuba group is trying to figure out.

Rufus Zeno: Rufus first indroduces himself to saying his name in Renee and saying he knows how to find Joy. This is a trap to provoke Victors soceity and give him the elixer of Life.

Jason Winkler: Jason is the new drama teacher. Patricia told him about how Joy suddenly dissapered and her suspicions about a conspirency. Jason talks to Victor after gathering some proof that Joy wasnt pulled out of school for no reason, he suddenly starts to avoid Patricia. He has joined Victor.

Eric Sweet: Mr. Sweet is also part of the society of Victor's. He works at the school, but is very kind and compassionate.

All About House of AnubisEdit

House of Anubis is a show on Nick about 8 students and their lives at their boarding once a friend goes missing.

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